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Weiss Vacuum Carousel

Product Ref: QR1547
Weiss Vacuum Carousel
Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff
Weiss Vacuum Carousel - Additional Image



The Weiss Floor Standing Vacuum Manual carousel is specially designed for printing plastisol  transfers and other multicolour jobs on paper and plastic.  The machine is based on a modular build, and can be equipped to meet your special demands, up to 6-colours and 6-platens.
The vacuum-mechanism is rotable and every single platen has it’s own on/off contact. The silent vacuum-motor is placed under
the machine.
The carousel is extremely rigid and accurate build. It is constructed after the same strong principles as bigger fully-automatic
carousels, which enables you to print very high quality manually.
The carousel can have a  mix of vacuum platens and traditionally platens as well as Hold-Downs for caps, umbrellas, jackets etc