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Weiss Powder Applicator - Automatic

Product Ref: QR1829
Weiss Powder Applicator - Automatic
Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


WEISS Powder Applicator (WPA) technology is designed and developed for transfer printers:

  • Eliminate the slow and messy process of applying powder on heat-transfer sheets
  • Maintain a steady, reliable and healthy production process
  • Produce high quality powder application at low operation and maintenance costs reducing production unit cost and improving competitveness
  • The Applicator handles the process of applying an even layer of powder on transfer sheets; it then removes all the excess powder.

There are six external factors that influence the automation process when it comes to the addition and removal of powder:

  • Overall levels of static electricity in the production environment.
  • The surface and materials of transfer papers or foils.
  • Powder compound
  • Build-up of static electricity in the preceding process.
  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity.

All these external factors influence automating  the powder application process for transfer sheets. The Weiss powder applicators are proven, built to the highest standards and designed to meet the challenges of automated powder application.

We highly recommend that you check out the product videos

Weiss have developed a number of models to cover the different styles of production and environmental considerations.  Please contact us for further information.