When to use Plastisol Inks

When to use Plastisol screen printing inks?

  •     Textiles especially cotton and poly blends
  •     Easy to print with
  •     Eco Versions available
  •     Great colours on dark garments
  •     Specialist Inks like glitter, glow in the dark

An official distributor for Sericol inks the premier global brand and stocklist of the Union and Rutland Ink range, we also offer the cost effect WPS Range which includes a variety of specialist glow in the dark inks.

Widely used in garment printing because they are easy to print, do not dry on the screen, can be opaque on dark garments, and adhere to most textiles. They are composed primarily of PVC resin and plasticiser.  We also sell the Sericol range of PVC free inks.

All Plastisol inks need to be cured otherwise the print will come off in the wash.

Sericol Fluorescent Plastisol Inks