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Ulano Proclaim EC Epic Cure Emulsion US Gallon - New

Product Ref: QR2353
Ulano Proclaim EC Epic Cure Emulsion US Gallon - New
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Manufacturer: Ulano
Ulano Proclaim EC Epic Cure Emulsion US Gallon - New - Additional Image


New -  Proclaim EC is a diazo-free, ready-to-use dual-cure emulsion. It does not require the mixing of a diazo powder with water, the stirring of diazo solution into the emulsion, or any waiting time for de-bubbling. It has a shelf life of 18 months - so no more wasting emulsion, just pour it into the coating trough and you are ready to coat the screen.

Proclaim EC is formulated to provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of decoating, even if underexposed and used with aggressive inks and solvents.

Proclaim EC is fast exposing, and its high solids content (37% unsensitized) provides good stencil build per coat, excellent mesh bridging, and fast drying. Proclaim EC has superb coating properties and durability, and is resistant to all solvent-based inks. 

Proclaim EC is ideal for general graphics, textile, and industrial applications.

Currently available in US Gallon quantities.

If you are intending to use inks such as WPS waterbased, paper, Permaset range, Rutland HSA then we would recommend the Ulano 925WR emulsion.

Link to the technical data sheet.

Link to the Material Safety Data Sheet.



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