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Platen Adhesives

Platen Adhesives, ideal for holding garments in place on the platen. WPS sells K-Fix Hi Tak Textile Mist Adhesive spray (available as a single can or in packs of 3 and 12) and a Roll On platen adhesive which is a great alternative to using Hi Tak - we have been using this product for a while and very impressed with the results!

Check out our screen printing tutorial ( - it shows you how to use both the Hi Tak spray at the platen adhesive, you can skip to 11 min 07 seconds)

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Roll On Platen Adhesive 1 Litre
£25.00 ex VAT
ECO Tack Adhesive Spray
£7.50 ex VAT
HiTak Textile Mist Adhesive Spray
£6.67 ex VAT
K-Fix HiTak Textile Mist Adhesive Spray
£9.33 ex VAT