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HiTak Textile Mist Adhesive Spray

Product Ref: QR0595
HiTak Textile Mist Adhesive Spray
£6.67 ex VAT
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


WPS Essential Hi-Tack Adhesive is used to hold the garment in place on the platen to allow accurate registration and precision printing. Without the Hi-Tack Adhesive Spray, it would be impossible to register your print in between colours as the t-shirt would move.


Shake well before use, Spray the Hi-Tack Adhesive approximately 30cm from the platen to allow an even cover on the platen.

Please note we cannot ship the Hi-Tack Adhesive by air as it is a pressurised container. For orders to Ireland, Northern Ireland, The EU and the Rest of the World your order will need to be shipped by sea or road which will increase your delivery time. Alternatively we do offer a biodegradable platen adhesive which can be shipped by air and sea, for further information and prices please visit our “Roll on Platen Adhesive” QR1096.


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