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Aluminium Screen 32 X 40 Inch (Meshed)

Product Ref: QR1840
Aluminium Screen 32 X 40 Inch (Meshed)
£48.00 ex VAT
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


Aluminium Screens 32" x 40" outside measurement

Aluminium Screens 29" x 37" inside measurement - suitable for undersized A1 and smaller prints

Profile: 38 - 40mm x 38 - 40mm

Stretched with new mesh of your choice, please select below.

Aluminium frame represents the perfect combination of low cost and high tech for the printer who wants a better, more stable screen but wants to avoid the high cost and extra labour of retensionables.

Various sizes and mesh counts available.

We recommend using 43T for the majority of textile work.

A coarse mesh (ie. a low mesh number) will give heavier ink deposits and is an advantage when heavy pigmented inks are being used.

A finer mesh will produce finer detail, give a thinner ink deposit, consume less ink and allow quicker drying.


Please Note that delivery can take between 5 to 7 days.


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£48.00 ex VAT
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