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Intro To Plastisol Transfer Printing

Product Ref: QR2595
 Intro To Plastisol Transfer Printing
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff
 Intro To Plastisol Transfer Printing - Additional Image
 Intro To Plastisol Transfer Printing - Additional Image
 Intro To Plastisol Transfer Printing - Additional Image


Designed for existing Screen Printers looking to introduce Plastisol Transfers.  Plastisol transfers are a great way to manage working capital and garment stock,  instead of printing direct to the garment you print to a release paper.  You can then use a heat press to transfer the design at a later date e.g. a good application is repeat designs where you get regular orders in but don't want to stock the garments.

The agenda includes artwork, stencil creation, paper selection (cold peel / hot peel), use of transfer release glues, printing technique and curing.

Our screen printing tutors will teach you on your own equpiment in your own environment how to make Plastisol Transfers and assess what you need to do to introduce plastisol transfers to your business.

Price does not include travel and accomodation expenses for our tutors - this will be added to the cost of the course once the location is known.

Please note that there are a number of pre requisites which will be covered off when booking these include availability of equipment e.g. exposure unit / lamp, carousel / press, flash dryer or equivalent, heat press (as a minimum for ink curing) and  tunnel dryer, washout area all in working order.

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