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Screen Printing Hand Benches

Do you need a screen printing hand bench?

High quality hand benches -  light and easy to use and fitted with an aluminium suction base with a strong vacuum. Adjustable side arms fitted with toggle clamps allow any size frame to be fitted up to the maximum frame size of the master frame.  A light and easy to handle one arm with shackle with counter balance makes light work of printing.

A range of standard sizes are available, but any size can be made to handle any size print job.

Features :-

  • Powerful suction motor
  • Micro adjustable suction base
  • Rear weight counter balance system
  • One arm squeegee unit
  • Front register locking device
  • Single Phase power
  • Each unit can be split for  access through a standard doorway 

To see some more pictures of a bench at a customer site please take a look at our facebook pages

You can also see a Model 4 WPS Bench in use at a Live Print event at Fedrigoni Paper with Anthony Burrill.

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