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Manual Tabletop Carousel / Press / Clamps & Spares

WPS designed and manufacture our tabletop carousels in the UK. Ideal for those with limited space. The range includes; 1, 2, 4 ,6 colour and upgradeable carousels.

The arms are made from stainless steel and the heads from aluminium like the Hopkins printing press. Excellent micro-registration, it also rotates at an angle. The clamp head can swivel at an angle to print objects that have uneven surfaces. 

The Press has a solid base and will sit on a table without having to bolt it down, it has a fully adjustable snap off for thicker garments, which can be adjusted and the head can be swiveled to be re-aligned on a horizontal.

The Press has nylon rotating clamp feet, is chemical resistant, to not damage your aluminium frames when clamping.

The threaded clamp rods are 10mm so they won't bend when tightening. The press has a melamine heat resistant base up to 200 degrees, just wipe clean. 

All of our carousels and presses come with a 12 month back to base warranty.

To see our machines in action check out our screen printing tutorial and our video of a WPS Tabletop carousel being used for a 4 colour print and the V Inspired event or our facebook page to see more photos. 


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