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Manual Floor Standing Carousel

Need a screen printing carousel for a small business?

Looking for finance on a screen printing carousel?

What is the best quality screen printing carousel

We have designed and built our own range of WPS Carousels designed for the small print workshop. We are also proud to be the UK reseller of the Weiss Teknik range of Floor Standing Carousels. Weiss is based in Denmark and have been making floor standing carousels and manual screen printing equipment since 1986 and have a reputation for being very high quality.

Their philosophy is that the only difference between the manual carousel and the automatic should be the quantity that can be printed per hour; these are remarkable machines with some of the range capable of becoming a semi-automatic carousel.

The quality of engineering is simply breath taking, the Weiss range is best in class.
Finance is available on all of the Weiss and WPS floor standing carousels.

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Weiss Medium Carousel Range
From: £4,179.60
WPS Premium Carousel Range
From: £2,862.00
£2,385.00 ex VAT
From: £4,848.00
£4,040.00 ex VAT
WPS Pro Carousel Range
£3,798.00 ex VAT