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Stencil Strip (Emulsion Remover) and Haze Removers

Finished with your design and want to reuse the screen?

‘Reclaiming’ is the act of striping the stencil from your screen in order to create a new strencil and start the printing process over again. WPS sells a variety of equipment and products for this process including dip tanks. Stubborn stains can be removed with Haze Paste.

Haze Paste remover is a great solution if you have any ghosting left on your screen which is common when using waterbased inks as they dye the mesh.  

Our range includes :- 

  • The premium MacDermid Autohaze, which is a high strength paste which deals with the most stubborn stains.
  • KC Haze Easiclean Remover, low strength remover ideal for removing light to moderate ghosting
  • WM Haze Easiclean Remover, moderate strength remover ideal for removing moderate to heavy ghosting
  • ES Haze Easiclean Remover, high strength remover ideal for removing heaving ghosting

If you are not sure which product is best for you please contact us and we can advise you accordingly


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MacDermid Autotype Autohaze 1Kg
£24.00 ex VAT
KC Haze Easiclean
£15.00 ex VAT
WM Haze - Easiclean
£15.00 ex VAT
Biodegradeable Stencil Strip
£11.00 ex VAT
Dip Tank Stencil Strip
£11.00 ex VAT
ES Haze - Easiclean
£15.00 ex VAT
Stencil Strip (High Strength)
£10.50 ex VAT
Stencil Strip Gel
£10.48 ex VAT
WPS Super Stain Remover - 5 Litre Pack
£70.00 ex VAT