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Dip Tank Stencil Strip

Product Ref: QR1494
Dip Tank Stencil Strip
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Manufacturer: Wicked Printing Stuff


Dip Tank Stencil Strip is a concentrated water soluble blend of surfactants and inorganic salts, designed for the removal of screen printing textile inks and stencils in one process after printing.

Low flammability, low volatility and is readily biodegradeable. Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons.  This product when diluted, should be considered as drain safe.

You can use this product either manually or in a dip tank. It is recommended that when using this product the operator should wear solvent resistant gloves and eye protection if large quantities are involved.

This product is sold as a concentrate for dilution with water.

Typical dilution ratios are 1:10 for dip tank and 1:5 for manual use.

Instructions for use

Manually (with a brush)

  1. Apply the Stencil remover as soon as possible after printing. Apply the solution to both sides of the screen.
  2. Leave to stand for 20 minutes so the ink residue and stencil soften. The low volatility of this product allows longer dwell times than traditional cleaning solvents, for improved ink removal with reduced staining.
  3. Wash both sides of the screen thoroughly with water to remove all the ink and stencil. 
  4. The screen is now ready to be high pressure gunned. 

Dip Tank

  1. Place the screen in to your Stencil remover as soon as possible after printing.
  2. Leave in dip tank for up to 20 minutes whilst ink residue and stencil is softened.
  3. Wash both sides of the screen with water to remove all traces of solvent.
  4. The screen is now ready to be high pressure gunned.

You will need to store the Stencil remover in sealed containers in a cool dry place away from heat, ignition sources and other reactive chemicals.

The solution has a shelf life of 1 year when stored at 0-30 degrees, If it is stored under freezing conditions below -10 degrees, product may separate so you will need to bring it up to room temperature and agitate before use.


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