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Screen Cleaning Chemicals & Accessories

Proper cleaning is an essential part of the screen printing process and we sell a wide range of screen printing cleaning equipment and products including :-

  • Wash Out Booths - for screen cleaning and preparation 
  • Screen Degreaser - for prepping your mesh
  • Screenwash - removes ink from the screen
  • Screen Reactivator Spray - great when solvent inks dry in the screen
  • Spot Cleaning fluid - removes ink smudges
  • Stencil Processing Units - develops stencils with warm water
  • Accessories - including brushes

You can also buy the WPS Screen Printing Cleaning Kit which includes the key products you will need.

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WPS Screen Wash (High Strength)
£8.50 ex VAT
WPS Screen Cleaning Pack (High Strength)
£72.00 ex VAT
WPS Safewash NE Gel
£10.00 ex VAT
WPS Premium Screen Cleaning Brushes
£13.50 ex VAT
WPS Isopropanol Cleaner - 1 Litre
£12.00 ex VAT
WPS Essential Screenwash 5 Litre
£27.50 ex VAT
WPS Essential Screen Cleaning Brush
£3.00 ex VAT
WPS Biodegradable Screen Wash
£8.50 ex VAT
Spot Cleaning Gun
£95.00 ex VAT
Spot Cleaning Fluid (High Strength)
£10.50 ex VAT
SISS Screen Reactivator Spray
£8.50 ex VAT
SISS Screen Degreaser / Wetting Agent
£18.43 ex VAT
Sericol Xtend Mesh Prep 101 SML34
£20.43 ex VAT
Screen Degreaser
£10.50 ex VAT
Plunger Can
£73.50 ex VAT
Biodegradeable Screen Cleaning Pack
£52.00 ex VAT
Biodegradeable Autosolve Screen Cleaner
£17.00 ex VAT