WPS Premium Pearlescent Inks

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WPS Premium Aquascreen Inks – manufactured by SISS in the UK. The Aquascreen Pearlescent Inks are easy to print with giving a subtle pearlescent effect.

Available in 1 Kg Quantities.

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WPS Premium Pearlescent Inks are easy to print with and gives a soft hand with a subtle pearlescent finish.

  •  Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsions such as Autosol 6000 and Dirasol 25
  •  Squeegee: Typically 65 – 75 Blade
  •  Mesh: 43 – 64T (lower the better)
  • Cleaning: Use Water
  •  Curing: 150 C (120 – 180 seconds depending on equipment, colour, and garment and ink deposit applied). Always wash test to test cure.
    ECO friendly

Please note that the photographic image is indicative and should not be used as a colour swatch.
Price shown is for 1kg.

WPS Premium Pearlescent Aquascreen Water based Screen Printing Inks is manufactured by SISS in the UK.

Aquascreen Pearl Red
Aquascreen Pearlescent Inks give an amazing effect. They are a joy to print with. Pearl Red Ink on the screen.



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