MagnaPrint Reinforcement Ink


MagnaPrint Reinforcement Ink – Textile tear strength enhancer, great for high performance sports fabrics exposed to the elements. Can be pigmented to add shade.

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MagnaPrint® Reinforcement Ink is a ready to use water-based printing ink designed to improve tear strength where maximum durability is required.

MagnaPrint® Reinforcement Ink works especially well on high performance sports fabrics that will be exposed to the elements and vigorous wear and tear. MagnaPrint® Reinforcement Ink can be pigmented with the addition of up to 6% Eco Pigments to give desired shade.

How to Use

  • Fabric Type: Cotton / Poly Blends
  • Mesh: 32-77T
  • Pigment: Up to 12% Eco Pigments
  • Squeegee: Recommend 65 Red
  • Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsion e.g. MagnaPrint Emulsion, Autosol 6000, Dirasol 25.
  • Curing: 120 – 180 seconds at 165 Degrees C
  • Additives: Softener TS, Retardant Gel
  • Clean Up: Use Water

MagnaPrint Reinforcement Ink TDS

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