MagnaPrint Self Levelling Ink


MagnaPrint® Self Levelling is a high solids water-based ink, designed for Manual Screen Printers.  Great Screen Open times and quick curing times.


MagnaPrint Self Levelling Ink  is a high solids water-based ink designed for use in manual printing.

  • Suitable for printing on light or coloured backgrounds, it has been designed to give an excellent print performance and open time on mesh screens.
  • MagnaPrint® Self Levelling White – is a ready to print opaque white paste.
  • This can be used as underbase or highlight white, or pigmented to achieve pastel shades.
  • MagnaPrint® Self Levelling Neutral – is a ready-made clear base for strong, bright shades.

Key Features

  • High solids, PVC-free water-based ink
  • Designed for use with manual printing presses
  • Ready to print – Crosslinker built in as standard to cure at 165°C (330°F)
  • Suitable for light and dark coloured garments
  • High quality print and wash performance
  • Reduces pin holing when printing multiple layers
  •  Optimum ink coverage

How to Use

  • Fabric Type: Cotton / Poly Blends
  • Mesh: 34 – 120T
  • Squeegee: Recommend 60 / 90 /60
  • Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsion e.g. MagnaPrint Emulsion, Autosol 6000, Dirasol 25.
  • Pigment: Up to 12% Eco Pigment
  • Curing:  60 – 90  seconds at 165 Degrees C
  • Additives: Retardant Gel Conc 5% / 2% Softener TS Conc
  • Clean Up: Use Water

MagnaPrint Self Levelling Range TDS

MagnaPrint Self levelling inks

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