MagnaPrint Reflective Clear


MagnaPrint Reflective Clear – Ready to use reflective ink for bright shades contains micro glass beads which reflects light.  It can be coloured with Eco Pigments and can be printed directly onto fabric.

MagnaPrint Reflective Clear sample screen print

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MagnaPrint® Reflective Clear is a ready to use water-based textile printing ink containing micro glass beads which reflect light.

MagnaPrint® Reflective Clear can be coloured with MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments. It can be  printed directly onto light coloured fabric or an underbase such as Aquaplas FF for dark fabrics. Alternatively it can be used as a final overprint on multicoloured designs.

Key Features

  • Ready to use
  • Clear reflective ink suitable for pigmenting or over printing
  • Contains light reflective micro glass beads

How to Use

  • Fabric Type: Cotton / Poly Blends
  • Mesh: 24-43T
  • Squeegee: Recommend 60/90/60
  • Pigment Loading: Up to 2% Eco Pigment
  • Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsion e.g. MagnaPrint Emulsion, Autosol 6000, Dirasol 25.
  • Curing: 120 – 150 seconds at 165 Degrees C
  • Additives:  2% Retardent Gel Conc, 2% Softener TS Conc, 2-3% Crosslinke
  • Clean Up: Use Water

Download MagnaPrint Reflective Clear TDS

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