MagnaPrint ECO Pigment


MagnaPrint  ECO  Pigment concentrate for use with MagnaPrint® Bases.   Please see Base descriptions for mixing ratio.  Colour shown is indicative only.
Can be used with MagnaMix colour mixing system.

ECO Pigment Datasheet

MagnaPrint ECO Pigment Range

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MagnaPrint ECO Pigment concentrates for use with MagnaPrint® Bases. MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments have high concentration, strong build-up, high brilliancy, constant low viscosity, excellent dispersion stability and tight particle size distribution.
MagnaColours have developed their own colour mixing software.  Use MagnaMix  software to  quickly and easily generate thousands of colour formulas for a wide range of MagnaPrint base inks. This includes AquaFlex V2, Discharge AB AW, ULF, ND Extra, HB etc.  Please see MagnaPrint article for further details.
Includes Fluorescent pigment concentrates for use with  MagnaPrint® Bases.
Pigments available :-
  • Magnaprint ECO Red HB
  • Magnaprint ECO Red HG
  • Magnaprint ECO Pink H5B
  • Magnaprint ECO Orange HO
  • Magnaprint ECO Yellow HR
  • Magnaprint ECO Yellow HG
  • Magnaprint ECO Green HB
  • Magnaprint ECO Blue HG
  • Magnaprint ECO Blue HB
  • Magnaprint ECO Navy HR
  • Magnaprint ECO Violet H4B
  • Magnaprint ECO Black H3B
  • Magnaprint ECO White HW
  • Magnaprint ECO Brown HNW
  • Magnaprint ECO Fluo Pink HFP
  • Magnaprint ECO Fluo Red HFR
  • Magnaprint ECO Fluo Blue HFB
  • Magnaprint ECO Fluo Green HFG
  • Magnaprint ECO Fluo Yellow HFY
  • Magnaprint ECO Fluo Orange HFO
  • Magnaprint ECO Black NGN
  • Magnaprint ECO Turquoise 4G
  • Magnaprint ECO Scarlet TRL
  • Magnaprint ECO Red GRL
  • Magnaprint ECO PC Rubine Red
  • Magnaprint ECO PC Purple
  • Magnaprint ECO PC Process Blue
  • Magnaprint ECO PC Reflex Blue
Available in 1Kg, 5Kg and 30Kg Quantities.
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Product Properties:

High Concentration,Strong  build-up, High Brilliancy, Constant low viscosity, Excellent dispersion stability, Tight particle size distribution. Ecological Responsible Care.
APEO and Ethylenglycol free formulations
Basic pigments employed meet the EU, German and US requirement for PCB and Dioxin/Furan trace contaminations meet ETAD requirements for heavy metal, trace contamination
Please note that not all MagnaPrint® ECO Pigments meet the requirements Oekotex / GOTS/ Nike please contact us for specific information including colour fastness, dry heat fixation and thermostability