MagnaPrint Discharge AB AW System


MagnaPrint Discharge AB AW System – Is a conventional ZFS based discharge system. Setting the standards for Discharge Printing giving bright and beautiful discharge effects.

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The MagnaPrint® Discharge AB AW range together with Activator AB is a conventional ZFS based discharge system which gives excellent results, brilliant colour development and very soft handle on dischargeable fabrics

The ever popular MagnaPrint Discharge AB / AW which sets the standards for Discharge Printing giving bright and beautiful discharge effects.  Available in 5Kg, 30Kg, 60Kg and 120Kg quantities.

  • MagnaPrint Discharge Super White AB AW G5609 – super white discharge base for bright white shades
  • MagnaPrint Discharge Base AB AW G5665 – clear discharge base for strong, bright shades.
  • MagnaPrint Discharge White AB AW G5666 – semi white discharge base for white shades.
  • MagnaPrint Discharge Activator AB WX198/50.

Download MagnaPrint Discharge ABAW TDS

MagnaPrint AW Multi Colour Print
Multi Coloured Samples printed with MagnaPrint AB AW Discharge Inks with final cure showing vibrancy of the colours.

How to Use

  • Activate: Mix selected base with desired amount of ECO Pigment (up to 6%) then add Activator AB (6%). Mix and leave for 10 minutes to allow Activator to dissolve. Re mix prior to printing. Please note that the shelf life of the base after activation is 8 hours (dependant on room temperature)
  • Fabric Type: Dischargeable Cotton / Poly Blends
  • Mesh: 43-77T
  • Pigment: Up to 6% Eco Pigments
  • Squeegee: Recommend 60/90/90
  • Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsion e.g. MagnaPrint Emulsion, Autosol 6000, Dirasol 25.
  • Curing: 150-180 seconds at 170 Degrees C
  • Additives:   Softener TS, Retardent Gel Conc, Ecofix NF
  • Clean Up: Use Water

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