WPS Automatic Washing Machine Range


Needing to increase employee and print productivity? Do you need to proactively manage your screen inventory? Do you need to become more Eco friendly? Need to reduce your Total Cost of Operation? The WPS  Automatic Screen Washing and Reclaiming System helps answer those questions.


We have a range of systems for automatic cleaning and reclaiming to suit the most demanding screen throughput. Images shown are for the compact unit which is ideal for screen printing operations who have 2 or more automatic carousels or for automatic industrial screen printing equipment.

WPS Automatic Washing Machine Range – The compact unit is a cost effective solution with the following features:-

  • Handles frames up to 54” x 39”
  • Lowers environment and consumables cost by using an efficiency solvent recirculation system which comes with a filtration system to remove any foreign objects and sediment
  • You can setup the unit to just wash screens or completely reclaim
  •  Needs a just a single operator who can perform other tasks whilst the machine is in operations
  • Capable of cleaning and reclaiming 60 – 200+ screens per day
  • Cleaning and reclaiming process is sealed whilst in operation ensuring that employees are not exposed to chemicals
  • Uses the specialist SISS range of cleaning and reclaiming chemicals which are designed especially for automatic operation which last typically between 4 – 9 weeks before being   refreshed (we work with you to define the optimum chemical refresh cycle)
  •  Optional washout booth which can be used for spraying screens with clean water prior to drying
  •  Easy to use  touch screen control system
  • Unit is built from Stainless Steel to the highest standards and requires minimum maintenance
  • Built in the UK and CE certified

If you would like further information and to find out if the automatic screen washing and reclaiming system can work for you. Please email us sales@inkandsolvents.co.uk or call 01614426555 or complete the enquiry form below.

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