Weiss ErgoPrinter Screen Printing Machine


Secondhand Weiss ErgoPrinter Screen Printing Machine,  6 station 6 colour with 2 semi automatic heads.   The pneumatic components are only a few months old,  the machine has ben extensively re-conditioned. The ErgoPrinter comes with standard ply platens and spare pneumatic components.

Please note that the machine requires compressed air.

Please note that the ErgoPrinter is on customer site and is available from March (TBC) 2023.  Comes with assorted platens, spares and squeegees.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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The Ergo-Printer can be used as a low volume manual or high speed semi-automatic. Using two automatic heads, one operator can print 300 pieces per hour and two operators can print 500 pieces per hour. 4-colour process work can be printed at 300 pieces per hour with two operators.

  • The Ergo-Printer runs on compressed air but has all the features needed of an automatic printhead – adjustable print and flood squeegee pressure, stroke length and speed. It is available with a 40×40 cm and 50×70 cm print area.
  • With the Ergoprinter the squeegee movements are automatic and the carousel platens are turned manually. The steering is pneumatic and very reliable without almost any maintenance.
  • The manual screen holders are with traditional micro adjustments , and the automatic print heads are with fast adjustment FAS-1. To hold the screens strong side clamps are used. Dry compressed air is required. Lubrication is not needed.
  • Maximum printing area is 40x40cm and with each printing head there comes one set of squeegees: length 40 cm, rubber 1×5 cm. They are delivered either with hand or a foot button start. All machines are standard mounted with 40x60cm Plywood platens for printing T-shirts and are reinforced for automatic printing.  The Ergoprinter has built a reputation for simplicity and reliability.



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