Panther Flash Dryer Model 1

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Used Panther Flash Dryer Model 1 has a flash area of 16″ X 16″.  The Dryers have a reputation for reliability and performance,  ideal for professional screen printers with manual and  semi automatic  carousels.  In excellent condition.


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Used Panther Flash Dryer Model 1 Flash Dryer

  • Uses ceramic elements giving optimum evenness of heat distribution
  • Ceramic elements have an expect working life of 15 – 20 years
  • All steel construction is powder coated for durability
  • Wire safety guard on the top
  • Long wave infra red is not colour sensitive, drying all colours equally
  • Easily adjusted element height – up to 117cm (46 inches) above floor level.
  • Power of elements is factory adjusted to give optimum flash dry time and power economy
  • 4 Wheels heavy duty
  • Long mains lead for convenience (6 metre)
  • Operates from a normal UK 13amp socket – please note unit  is normally shipped with a 16amp plug
  • Flash time for plastisol (Sericol‘Texopaque’) is 10 seconds.  Flash time can be extended by increasing the clearance between elements and the platen.
  • Weight 18kg

Made in the  UK.