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We sell a range of FTE  thermocouple elements suitable for Panther and other makes of dryers.  Please make sure you choose the correct rated element.  It is normally written either on the front or back of the element).


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FTE Thermocouple – Always make sure that the machine is disconnected from the power supply before opening any covers or attempting to check or replace any parts.

Please make sure your order the correct rating of thermocouple,  using an incorrect rating can lead to inefficient curing and additional energy use.

These instructions apply to WPS Essential, Premium, 600, 700, 800L and 8000 series Tunnel Dryers.


  • To access the thermocouple element remove the top cover of the machine, remove any insulation trays.
  • The power supply cables to the elements have to be disconnected from the ends of the buss-bar conductors. Remember which ones go to each connection. (Suggest making the cables with a sharpie so easy to reconnect / maybe even take a photo or two)
How to replace thermcouple part 1
Isolate the machine, remove the cover and any insulation trays. You will see the feed cables to the Busbar below.


  • The temperature sensor cable should be disconnected at the small ceramic connector block on the heating element side of the ceramic block. At this point make a note or mark the on the terminal that the positive (red or brown) wire connects to.
    • In some of the older dryers the temperature sensor cable was green (positive +) and white (negative -).
    • The positive thermocouple wire from the heating element is marked with a spot, which may be red, green or black and this connects to the red or brown line in the thermocouple cable that goes to the temperature controller.

How to change a thermocouple part 2

  • The galvanised heating element cover can be unscrewed and removed.
  • The old temperature sensor/heating element can simply be unclipped. The new one inserted and clipped in in the same way as the original element was. The temperature sensor/heating element is the one with 4 wires.

How to change thermocouple part 3

  • Re install the Galvo cover, ensure all of the ceramic tubes go through the holes in the cover. Re attach the cables and any busbar.
  • If you get the thermocouple lines the wrong way round the dryer will not work correctly. Often the dryer will begin to heat up and then cool down again or the temperature will appear to drop.
  • Make sure all connections are firmly made when you put the machine back together. A loose connection will quickly burn, spark and break.

NB. The new temperature sensor may show a slightly different temperature to the old one. Test that the temperature is what you require before processing a large amount of shirts. THIS MAY BE FROM A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER.  YOU MAY POSSIBLY HAVE TO RUN YOUR DRYER TO 40 to 60 DEGREES HIGHER ON THE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER. THIS IS TO ACHIEVE THE SAME TEMPERATURE AS BEFORE

Connection Diagram

FTE Thermocouple connections


Additional information

Choose Thermocouple Rating

FTE Thermocouple – 250 Watt 230 / 240V, FTE Thermocouple – 300 Watt 230 / 240V, FTE Thermocouple – 400 Watt 230 / 240V, FTE Thermocouple – 500 Watt 230 / 240V, FTE Thermocouple – 600 Watt 230 / 240V, FTE Thermocouple – 650 Watt 230 / 240V