F226 Controller Card

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Replacement F226 controller card – used to manage variable control for  Parvalux  motosr.  Suitable for mini (note some models from 2013 use F025 cards) and 8000 series dryers.  Please note that some Mini dryers and 8000 series use a different model of controller card.

Potentiometer included.

Wiring diagram will be issued on purchase.

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F226 controller card

  • F226 is used in the 800L Aquacure Tunnel Dryer, 8220, 8230, 8240 and some bespoke conveyor dryers.
  • The F226 also used historically in the Panther Mini Dryer.

If you are not sure which card you need please contact us via email sales@inkandsolvents.co.uk, it is advisable to isolate power from your dryer and take some photos which will help us to identify the correct card for you.