Parvalux PM10SS Motor

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Parvalux PM10SS motor  uses permanent magnet technology and utilises the same gearbox as the  Parvalux SD1-0003/CONT Motor giving 33% more torque,  an idea replacement motor  for longer and wider dryers which need a stronger motor. e.g. 700WW / 700L / 700LW / 700LWX.

Comes with installation instructions.

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Parvalux PM10SS Motor – if you have a Panther Dryer or WPS Panther dryer you can replace the standard SD1 motor with the new Parvalux PM10SS DC motor, please note that the wiring is slightly different.  The PM10SS Motor gives more torque that the SD1 so ideal if you are using a 700W / 700L / 700LW / 700LWX model .