WPS Pro Flash Dryer Range


WPS Pro Flash Dryer – 1 or 3 phase Texflash 6000W,  9000W  and 13500W (9Kw and 13.5Kw only available in 3 Phase power only) unit, automatic flash dryer which saves on power and reduce energy bills. Two versions available, if you have 3 phase power we highly recommend the 9000w unit – very powerful and very quick to heat up.





WPS Pro Flash Dryer Range – Is your electricity bill too much?  Then checkout how much power your current Flash Dryer is using. The  WPS Pro Flash Dryer are available in different versions based on the power available in your studio.  The super quick quartz elements only heat up when needed, reducing the amount of energy you need therefore saving money.

Models Available

  • Texflash  6000W – Available Single Phase (32amp / 3 Pin) or Three Phase (16amp / 5 pin)
  • Texflash 9000W Available – Three Phase (16amp / 5 pin)
  • Texflash 13500W Available – Three Phase (32amp / 5 pin)

Key Features

  • Heat source – 6000w / 9000w  / 13500w  (medium wave infrared)
  • You can adjust power output from the lamp between 20% to 100%;
  • Each lamp has an independent selector so you can turn lamps off to save power
  • 2 fans to enable air extraction
  • Suitable for automatic or manual carousel use (MHM, Roque etc)
  • Comes with photocell to enable automatic switching (senses temperature of the garment and automatically switches on or off)
  • Heat area is 60 x 40cm Width 47cm / Maximum Height is 135cm for the 13500W the Heat area is 70 x 50cm
  • Produced in the EU.

If you require pricing, samples of further information please email sales@inkandsolvents.co.uk or call us on 01614426555 or complete Enquiry Form.