WPS Pro Flash Range


WPS Pro Flash Dryer – 1 or 3 phase Texflash 6000W,  9000W  and 13500W (9Kw and 13.5Kw only available in 3 Phase power only) unit, automatic flash dryer which saves on power and reduce energy bills. Two versions available, if you have 3 phase power we highly recommend the 9000w unit – very powerful and very quick to heat up.  :-

  • Heat source – 6000w / 9000w  / 13500w  (medium wave infrared)
  • You can adjust power output from the lamp between 20% to 100%;
  • Each lamp has an independent selector so you can turn lamps off to save power
  • 2 fans to enable air extraction
  • Suitable for automatic or manual carousel use (MHM, Roque etc)
  • Comes with photocell to enable automatic switching (senses temperature of the garment and automatically switches on or off)
  • Heat area is 60 x 40cm Width 47cm / Maximum Height is 135cm for the 13500W the Heat area is 70 x 50cm

Produced in the EU.  Please contact us for a quotation.




Texflash  6000W – Available Single Phase (32amp / 3 Pin) or Three Phase (16amp / 5 pin)

Texflash 9000W Available – Three Phase (16amp / 5 pin)

Texflash 13500W Available – Three Phase (32amp / 5 pin)