WPS Nylon Ink

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WPS Nylon Ink, sometimes known as Nylobag ink.  Great for printing directly on to Nylon and other synthetic fabrics such as polyesters, cottons and cotton/polyester blends.  These inks offer excellent adhesion, flexibility and covering power.

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WPS Nylon Ink which is sometimes referred to as Nylobag.  The ink is high opacity, flexibile and gives excellent wash fastness. Gives good adhesion to most nylon and synthetic fabrics.

The ink is best cured as a two pack catalysed system to achieve the best results, you don’t need the catalyst if there is less demand is put on the performance of the ink.

  • Application: One or two pack direct printing ink for nylon and synthetic fabrics
  • Stencil: Use solvent resistant emulsions such as , , or solvent resistant capillary film
  • Compatible fabrics: Most grades of nylon and synthetic fabrics
  • Dry-clean resistance: Suitable for most dry clean cycles
  • Drying/cure speed: 100°C for 2 minutes
  • Mesh: 34-90T
  • Thinning: Up to 5% with WPS Nylon Thinner
  • Wash resistance: 95°C

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