Aluminium Screen 32″ x 40″

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£51.60 - £64.50 (ex. VAT)

Aluminium Screen 29″ X 37” inside measurement (suitable for A1 and smaller sized prints). Select the required mesh count from the list below.

Not sure which mesh count to choose? then take a look at our guide

Mesh Count Guidelines


Aluminium Screen  32″ X 40″ Outside measurement

Aluminium Screen 29″ X 37” inside measurement (suitable for  A1  and smaller sized prints)

  • Stretched with new mesh
  • Profile 40mm
  • Various sizes and mesh counts available
  • We recommend using 43T for the majority of textile work
  • A coarse mesh (ie. a low mesh number) will give heavier ink deposits and is an advantage when heavy pigmented inks are being used
  • A finer mesh will produce finer detail, give a thinner ink deposit, consume less ink and allow quicker drying.

Additional information

Mesh Count

15T White, 24T White, 32T White, 43T White, 49T White, 55T White, 64T Yellow, 77T Yellow, 90T Yellow, 100T Yellow, 120T Yellow, 140T Yellow