WPS Foundation So Easy Screen Printing Kit

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The WPS Foundation So Easy Screen Printing Kit is ideal for the beginner looking to produce simple designs (using a PRINTnCUT film) without the need to expose their screen. The kit includes the screen printing basics, perfect for those one off designs and for people testing whether screen printing is for them.

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WPS Foundation So Easy Screen Printing Kit – a perfect cost effect kit for those who want to try out printing some simple designs using the Print and Cut film.  Easy to use a great kit for starting off – you can also upgrade in the future by adding more consumables and the WPS LED Exposure Unit which uses photo sensitive emulsion so you can create complex artwork.

How to use the kit :-

  • Take 1 A4 sheet of stencil film and either hand draw an outline of your artwork onto it, or run the stencil film through your printer and print your artwork onto the glossy side of the PRINTnCUT stencil film.(printer setting transparency).
  • Using the craft knife, cut out the outline of your artwork.
  • Peel off the PRINTnCUT stencil film paper backing.
  • Stick the PRINTnCUT stencil film to the wooden screen and tape around the edges where the film meets the screen, overlapping the print and cut stencil film.
  • Place your t-shirt on a flat surface. Place a sheet of paper inside the t-shirt, to protect the ink from spreading through to the bottom of the t-shirt.
  • Place your screen on top of the t-shirt in the position where you want the logo to be printed.
  • Add your choice of colour ink along the TOP edge of the screen.
  • Using your squeegee, hold it at a 15 degree angle, run the ink along the screen covering the whole area of your logo.
  • Remove your screen and you have a printed garment.
  • Dry the print with a hair dryer, then fix the print with a hot iron for 2 minutes.
  • The screen can now be re-used for longer print runs or the ink can be washed down a drain with water. THE PRINTnCUT film peeled off and the screen re-used for another design

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