WPS LED Exposure Lamp

£90.00 inc VAT
£75.00 (ex. VAT)

The WPS LED Essential Lamp  is used for transferring your artwork onto your screen.  Ideal as an upgrade or replacement for screen printers using the WPS Halogen Lamp.


WPS LED Exposure Lamp the perfect solution for home, education and small studio screen printers. Quick, low energy and long lasting.

  • The LED lamp fits easily to the adjustable stand  of the WPS Exposure Lamp.
  • Uses LED technology which is energy efficient, reliable. and does not generate any heat.
  • Light Source: LED 30W.  More efficient than 1000 watt Halogen light units, or 2 x 500W units where the light can overlap and cause uneven exposure.

Adjustable Height: For adjusting the exposure unit

  • For 12″ x 16″ screens – 10 inches and expose for 6 minutes
  • For 20″ x 24″ screens – 20 inches and expose for 15 minutes
  • For 31″ x 24″ screens – 23 inches and expose for 20 minutes