WPS Heavy Duty Exposure Unit


WPS sells a range of  heavy duty exposure units manufacturer in the UK which come in three standard sizes and a number of variations to suit customer requirements. The three standard models have all the same features, powerful suction pump, touch up lights, safety switch etc. There are a number of power options available 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 K/w versions.

Heavy Duty Exposure Unit – Model 1 46″ x 29″ (1165mm x 730mm)

Heavy Duty Exposure Unit – Model 2 49″ x 39″ (1245mm x 990mm)

Heavy Duty Exposure Unit – Model 3 50″ x 68″ (1270mm x 1725mm)



Two controller options are available, a timer system which comprises a digital timer, and switch for the vacuum and fluorescent tubes as well as a power switch, or our Magellis PLC control system this incorporates an LCD display, time settings and all programmable features are accessed from the screen. This unit can also incorporate a light integrator which compensates for lamp degradation over time and automatically adjusts the length of the exposure.

The unit shown is a model 1, with digital timer. The exposure units can be split apart for entry through standard doorways and reassembled easily. The exposure unit is fitted with a safety switch which disconnects power to the lamp system if the lid is opened whilst an exposure is being carried out. Each unit is fitted with fluorescent tubes for artwork positioning and stencil touch up. The powerful suction pump ensures intimate contact between artwork and screen giving perfect exposures every time.

Each exposure unit is suitable for direct or indirect films and can be used in an open work room.

For more information or a quotation please contact us at sales@inkandsolvents.co.uk  +441614426555