WPS Actinic Tube System Exposure Unit


These exposure systems are aimed at the mid-level print shop requirements and larger educational establishments where cost & space are a key factor. These units give a first class exposure on emulsion coated screens, however there are on a lower power level they take a little longer to expose each screen compared to a Metal Halide system. Each machine has a rotary vane vacuum pump, gas struts, a flexible rubber blanket, toughened glass top and digital timer. The legs can be removed easily and the unit will fit through a standard doorway. The units are well light trapped and can be used in an open work room.

  • Actinic Exposure Unit – Model 1 35″ x 30″ (890mm x 760 mm)
  • Actinic Exposure Unit – Model 2 49″ x 39″ (1245mm x 990mm)
  • Actinic Exposure Unit – Model 3 50″ x 68″ (1270mm x 1725mm)


Each machine is fitted with a safety interlock device which shuts off the lamps if the lid is opened whilst running. Maintenance is very simple with these machines, lamps and starters are changed from the side of the unit through one of the access doors. They are easy to use systems, once the desired exposure time is set, switch on the vacuum and press the start button, the lamps switch off when the exposure is complete.


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