FREEstyler DTS (Direct To Screen) Integrated Exposure System


Designed for the medium size print screen printing market the FREEstyler DTS is breaking new ground, using inkjet  technology it will introduce Direct to Screen capabilities to the medium sized screen printers.   The integrated exposure option includes an integrated LED exposure unit and stand.

You place an emulsion coated screen on the flat bed of the FREEStyler (it comes with various clamps that came be used to aid registration), you then control how the stencil is printed using RIP software that comes with the system.

It replaces the Film Positive printing process, the FREEStyler uses inkjet technology to print the artwork directly on the screen with a quick drying ink which is water soluble.   When completed you pop the screen in the exposure unit underneath, whilst the FREEstyler creates your next screen,  you then take the exposed image and washout as per normal.

Designed for the small and midmarket with an appropriate pricing structure, supports frames up to 36” x 26”, (creates stunning stencils  Resolution from 600 – 2400 dpi, 55 – 60 lpi) which would be difficult to achieve accurately with film positives printed with an inkjet printer



The FREEstyler is virtually maintenance free. Unlike most ink jet to film devices and more expensive direct to screen systems the FREEstyler  uses a disposable ink cartridge with no complicated ink feed system.  It will support frame sizes up to 36″ x 25″.

FREEstyler DTG mode, you can purchase an optional DTG upgrade kit which includes platen, RIP extension, process ink and cartridges.  So you can use the FREEstyler both for printing direct to garment as well as direct to screen.

Video of FREEstyler in DTG mode.

Demo of Freestylers

The Freestyler is available as a standalone unit, integrated exposure unit / integrated exposure unit with integrated drying cabinet.

Unit made in the EU to order.

Please email or phone 0161 442 6555 for a quotation


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