Ulano Proclaim Screen Print Emulsion

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Ulano Proclaim emulsion diazo blue type is an all purpose textile and graphic emulsion.  It prints a wide variety of inks and substrates.  Excellent definition and resolution, producing sharp durable stencils. A true multi-purpose emulsion for textiles and graphics. It is a 2-Part emulsion plus sensitizer.

Light blue in colour, Proclaim turns light green when sensitized. Properly exposed non-image areas revert back to the original blue colour, providing a built-in indicator of adequate exposure.

For use with Plastisol and Solvent based inks.  If you are using water based inks please select the 925WR emulsion,  if you use Proclaim with water based inks there is a chance of the stencil degrading.

Available in 0.9 Litre or 1 Gallon tubs – choose from the picklist below


Ulano Proclaim Screen Print Emulsion, sets the industry standard for screen printing emulsion. Check out our screen printing tutorial (you can skip to Step 3, approx 4min 53 secs) for the section showing how to prepare the emulsion and coat the screen.  if you are using Plastisol Inks and looking for a Photo Senstive Emulsion then Ulano Proclaim is a good choice.

When used with exposure units/Light sources other than our 1000watt halogen light or LED lamp, exposure times will vary:


  • Pre-Sensitized – up to 12 months
  • Sensitized – 4-8 weeks

Ulano Proclaim standard fact sheet

Emulsion is best stored in a cool dark environment where adverse weather conditions do not occur. If the storage temperature is warm or hot, or below freezing, emulsion has a tendency to react and will pass its expiry date.

The most obvious way of telling whether the emulsion has expired is upon ‘clearing the image’ with water, the sensitizer will not have reacted to the light source and the emulsion will simply wash out completely.

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0.9 Litre, US Gallon