WPS Professional Tabletop Carousel


WPS Professional Table Top Carousel range with micro registration.  A heavy duty unit perfect for screen printers needed tight aligned prints.  Made using high quality components.

Designed and manufactured in the EU.  Please email sales@inkandsolvents.co.uk or phone 01614426555 for pricing.

Live Screen Printing at Reddit Event


Screen Printing Carousel – WPS Professional Tabletop Screen Printing Carousel

  • Ideal for printing t-shirts/sweatshirts other textiles/transfers.
  • Includes 1 x Fully Adjustable Platen- Takes up to 31″ x 24″ industry standard screen, prints up to A3+ size! Recommended screen size is 20 x 24″ (51cm x 61cm)
  • Excellent micro-registration…goes forwards, backwards, sideways and also rotates at an angle.

Dimensions :-

  • Length 133cm length
  • Width 94cm (print head to head)
  • Swing Circle with 23 x 31″ screens – 210cm
  • Swing Circle with 20 x 24″ screens  – 180cm
  • Weight Approx 60kgs
  • Table mounted  (not supplied)

Beautifully made and built to last, if you are looking for a high quality European made Tabletop Screen Printing carousel then the WPS Professional carousel is the answer. It is an absolute delight to use and will not slip out of registration.