WPS Essential Screen Printing Tabletop Carousel

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£344.00 - £516.00 (ex. VAT)

WPS Essential screen printing tabletop carousel  range available in 1 colour, 2 colour and 4 colour configurations.  If you start off with a 1 or 2 colour machine you can upgrade to 4 colours at a later date.

Shipping  – the carousel is partially assembled.

Includes :-

  • 1 x Fully Adjustable Platen- Adult: 22.5 inches Long x 15.5 inches wide (57cm x 39cm)
  • 5 inches x 15 1/4 inches print area.(50cm x 39cm)
  • The press weighs 26kgs with 4 arms installed.

Please note that the unit needs to be bolted or firmed attached to a table or suitable robust surface prior to use.

Perfect as a beginner press, also great for schools and small workshops.  An ideal screen printing carousel suitable for low level production and for sample printing.



WPS Essential Screen Printing Tabletop Carousel available in the following configurations (additional arms are available)  :-

  • 1 Colour
  • 2 Colour
  • 4 Colour

You can upgrade from 1 Colour / 2 Colour to 4 Colour when you are ready.   You can also use the carousel with the WPS vacuum board.

Screen printing carousel dimensions
WPS Essential Tabletop Screen Printing Carousel showing the swing circle when using 20 x 24″ frames


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WPS Essential 1 Colour Carousel, WPS Essential 2 Colour Carousel, WPS Essential 4 Colour Carousel