T Shirt Platen

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T-Shirt Platens

MDF Printing Platens are designed and built for ease of printing, with curved smooth edges and neckline so you can easily position and remove your garment when printing.  T Shirt platen sizes range from Baby to Mega Platens, also available sleeve platen.  Please note that brackets are sold separately.

  • Baby Platen – 12″ Long x 9″ Wide giving 10.5″ x 8.5″ print area (approx.)
  • Child Platen – 22.5″ Long x 10″ Wide giving 19″ x 9 3/4 ” print area (approx.)
  • Adult Platen – 22.5″ Long x 15.5″ Wide giving 19″ x 15″ print area (approx.)
  • Sleeve Platen – 23″ Long x 5″ Wide
  • Large Front Prints Platen – 29″Long x 17″ Wide giving 24″ x 16″ print area (approx.)
  • MEGA Front Prints Platen – 33″ long x 20″ Wide giving 28″ x 19″ print area (approx.)



Please note that for large front print platens please keep flash drying times to a minimum, prolonged flash drying combined with humidity can introduce the risk of warping.

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