WPS Safewash NE Gel

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Safewash NE Gel is an essential aid for any busy water based or solvent ink based screen printer. It is ideal for schools, colleges, and print clubs as it extends the time taken for the ink on a used screen to dry following printing.

• Helps reduce improve ink staining, reduces the cleaning effort and gives you up to an hour before reclaiming (see Application below).
• In busy print shops, studios and classrooms often more used screens are produced than can be cleaned at that time. Safewash NE Gel begins to dissolve the printed ink whilst slowing down the drying of the screen.

Available in 1 litre  or 5 litre packs, choose from the pick list below:-



• After printing is complete, remove the excess ink using a pallet or push knife. Apply the Safewash NE Gel generously to both sides of the screen with a brush ensuring that all the ink has been covered.
• The screen can now stand at room temperature for up to an hour (depending on the temperature of the room and the curing speed of the ink) before the screen will require reclaiming.


• When reclaiming, first rinse down the screen on both sides using mains pressure water. Ensure that all of the ink and the Safewash NE gel has been removed before adding stencil remover to the screen.
• We would recommend High Strength Stencil Stripper or Stencil Stripper GEL. Brush the stencil strip into the stencil until it has completely softened and then remove with main pressure water followed by high pressure water spray.
• If any stains from the ink or stencil material are remaining, remove with KC or WM Haze remover.

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