WPS Essential Screen Wash 5 Litre

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WPS Essential Screenwash – 5 Litres

Great for cleaning any make of plastisol and solvent ink from your screens.

You can also use Screenwash inconjunction with the Autohaze product for the most effective stain removal.  Please read the instructions especially safety requirements.

Use this Screenwash in a well ventilated room as this item has a strong odour- note highly flammable.


WPS Essential Screen wash – 5 Litres.  This is the perfect general purpose screen wash for screen printing, strong to clean off Plastisol Ink and the Solvent Ink from your screens.

  • It does give off a strong odour so always use in a well ventilated area make sure you keep the lid on when not in use.
  • The best screen wash to use for cleaning solvent based screen printing ink from your screen.
  • Screen wash is flammable so store safely and keep away from any sources if ignition.