WPS Biodegradeable Stencil Strip

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Biodegradeable Stencil Strip for fast removal of most screen printing stencils.



WPS Biodegradeable Stencil Strip

Ideal for ECO Printers using Water based inks, ideal for home screen printers.

Low flammability, low volatility and is readily biodegradeable. Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons. When diluted, should be considered as drain safe.    This product is sold as a concentrate for dilution with water. Typical dilution ratios are 1:5.

Directions for use;

  • Once diluted apply to screen using either a cloth or cleaning brush to avoid getting it on your hands.
  • Leave the Stencil Remover on your screen for between 0-1 minutes to allow the stencil to soften.
  • You will see the stencil breaking up within minutes of applying your Stencil Remover.
  • Once it has been left for a sufficient period of time blast off your screen with a pressure washer.

After you have reclaimed your screen, if you have any stubborn ghosting left on your screen we would advise using the MacDermid Autotype Autohaze.

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WPS Biodegradeable Stencil Strip 500ml, Biodegradeable Stencil Strip 1 Litre, Biodegradeable Stencil Strip 5 Litre