WM Haze Remover – Easiclean

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WM Haze Remover – Easiclean  is ideal for printers wanting to remove moderate ghosting.  Low caustic yet effective. Ideal for small studios and educational establishments.


WM Haze Remover has lower caustic content compared to Autohaze  leading to increased operator safety and less attack on screen mesh.  

  • All can be applied by trough or by brush. Leave to dry (don’t leave WM Haze on the screen more than an hour).
  • Brush or spray on a light amount of  screen wash and jet or hose off with high pressure water. 
  • Please read the MSDS and product directions, always wear PPE when using Haze removers.

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WM Haze – Easiclean 500ml, WM Haze – Easiclean 1 Litre


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