WPS Mesh Wetting Agent

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WPS Mesh Wetting Agent is ideal for printers using capillary films for stencil production.  Available in 1 Litre (price shown) and 5 Litre Quantities – choose from the picklist below :-


Mesh Wetting Agent  will hold an even film of water on your screen after rinsing for easy mounting of capillary film emulsion sheets. Excellent wetting characteristics allowing the mesh to hold an even film of water it is non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Ensures perfect results when used prior to mounting of capillary films. You can also use SISS degreaser / wetting agent with direct emulsions which helps to reduce ‘fish eyes’ and streaks when used prior to coating the emulsion.

  • Rinse the screen thoroughly with water.
  • Apply the degreaser / wetting agent to both sides of the screen and rub in with a brush.
  • Then leave it to stand for a minute before washing off.
  • For best results and an even film of water, ‘gently’ rinse off. (FYI: if high pressure is used it can remove the wetting characteristics)

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1 Litre, 5 Litre