WPS Plasticharge Screen Printing Ink

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Great for Plastisol Screen Printers wanting to get the benefits of Discharge Inks.  Discharge printing is a process where you can screen print an ink onto a dark T Shirt. It will remove the (dye) dark colour of garment and replace it with a different colour. Discharge printing gives a very soft hand but with a bright print.

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WPS Plasticharge Screen Printing Inks

This is the perfect solution for Plastisol Screen Printers wishing to use the benefits of discharge printing.

  • WPS Plasticharge base can be mixed with  plastisol ink with discharge properties giving bright, colourful and soft hand prints on discharge dyed garments.
  • Please note that not all garments will ‘discharge’, garments should be 100% cotton – always test on a small batch to make sure you get the result you want.
  • For the discharge process to work, you do need a tunnel dryer (the longer the better) . Typically 90-120 seconds dwell time needed for a good cure. You also need well ventilated premises (Plasticharge does give off an odour) and printers should read the MSDS and be aware of any health and safety consideration. For low production you can use a heat press but tunnel dryer is best.

How to Use

  •  Mix Plasticharge Base with Plastisol (50/50) then add 6% Activator and leave for 10 minutes to allow the activator to dissolve.
  • You can use standard Plastisol Inks or you can use the Plasticharge Base as an underbase.
  • Re-mix prior to printing. (Some plastisol inks may be bleached by the activator so check colour stability prior to printing).
  • Printing is best undertaken using 43 – 77T mesh screens and rectangular profile squeegee with medium hardness and 65° shore.
  • Use a Water resistant Emulsion like Autosol 6000 and use water for cleaning
  • You can use Plascharge (activated) as an underbase, flash the underbase and overprint with plastisols.  Use 3 – 4mm off contact and print one hard stroke.
  • The Plascharge paste or mixed fabric must penetrate into the fabric. If necessary, reduce squeegee speed and increase pressure. The resulting print should then be dried and cured for the standard plastisol process route.

If you are looking for standard Waterbased Discharge Inks then we recommend the WPS Premium Waterbased Discharge Range.

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