Union Ink Tru-Tone Plastisol Ink Range

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Union Ink’s Tru-Tone plastisol inks are the premier inks for process colour printing on textiles. Tru-Tone inks have extremely accurate, consistent colours, very low dot gain, and are read to print with.

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Union Ink Tru -Tone Plastisol Ink Range. 4 Colour Process Plastisol Ink suitable for both manual and automatic printers. Suitable for most common, natural and synthetic fibres such as Cotton and Cotton / Polyester blends.

  • Four colour process printing
  • Wet on wet direct printing
  • Ready to print accurate colours
  • Extremely soft
  • Minimal build up
  • Stencil: Use plastisol suitable emulsions such as Ulano Proclaim, Proclaim EC Epicure, Autosol 5000 or solvent resistant capillary film
  • Squeegee: Typically 75 Blade
  • Mesh: 77T – 140T
  • Cleaning: Standard or Biodegradable Screen Wash
  • Curing: 140 – 160 C (40 – 90 seconds depending on equipment, colour, garment and ink deposit applied). Always wash test to test cure.

Standard Colours

  • PRPE-1080 Fine White
  • PRPE-2080 Yellow
  • PRPE-3082 Magenta
  • PRPE-5080 Cyan
  • PRPE-8080 Black

Triple Strength Colours

  • PRPE-1089 Triple Strength White
  • PRPE-2089 Triple Strength Yellow
  • PRPE-3089 Triple Strength Magenta
  • PRPE-5089 Triple Strength Cyan
  • PRPE-8089 Triple Strength Black

Union Ink TruTone Colour Range

We sell Tru-tone Inks in quantities of 500ml and 1 Litre – select the required quantity when ordering.

The colours shown are for guidance purposes only – not for colour matching.

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1 Litre, 500ml


Union PRPE-1080 Trutone EF Fine White, Union PRPL-2080 Process Yellow, Union PRPE-2089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Yellow, Union PRPL-3082 Process Magenta, Union PRPE-3089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Magenta, Union PRPL-5080 Process Cyan, PRPE-5089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Cyan, Union PRPL-8080 Process Black, Union PRPE-8089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Black, Union PRPE-9080 Trutone EF Process Half Tone Base, Union PADM-5085 Opaque Process Blue Plastisol Ink