Rutland M3 Plastisol Ink Range

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Rutland M3 Plastisol Ink Mixing System is a non-phthalate finished ink mixing system. M3 colours directly replace the M2 and EM ink mixing colours. They are opaque resulting in excellent coverage on dark garments. Mix thousands of finished ink colours by choosing Pantone colours from the M2007 Ink Mixing Software or by custom mixing your own colours.

Available in 500ml , 1 Litre and US Gallon (3.78 litre) options – pick from the list below.

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Rutland M3 Plastisol Ink Range – Mixing System is a non-phthalate range of screen printing Inks. The M3 inks have great opacity as well as mixing characteristics making them ideal for high production work. Rutland M3 Plastisol Ink Range is designed mixing Pantone shades, ratios online on the Rutland website. Ideal for automatic and manual printers.

Key features :-

  • High performance for 100% Cotton.
  • Non-phthalate printing inks.
  • NPT Low Bleed White underlay for printing on polyester/cotton blends.
  • NPT Cotton White underlay for printing on 100% cotton.
  • NPT Barrier Base (Dyno Grey) available for printing on 100% polyester
  • Low crock and semi-matte finish
  • Great opacity with quick flash.

How to use :-

  • Stencil: Use plastisol suitable emulsions such as Ulano Proclaim or Proclaim EC Epicure or Autosol 5000 or solvent resistant capillary film
  • Squeegee: Typically 65 – 80 Blade
  • Mesh: 34T – 77T
  • Cleaning: Standard, Biodegradable Screen Wash and WPS Plastisol Ink Cleaner
  • Curing: 160 C (40- 90 seconds depending on equipment, colour, garment and ink deposit applied). Always wash test to test cure.
  • High performance for 100% cotton, gives semi matte. However If printing onto polyester/cotton blends apply a low bleed white first (recommend EL90730 Low Bleed SF2 QR2692) or if printing onto 100% polyester then apply barrier grey or barrier clear to avoid bleed issues.
  • Quick flash times

Rutland M3 Ink System Product Info Bulletin

M3 mixing kit (15 Litres of ink) includes mixing Fluorescent inks, perfect as a starter kit.

Please note that the photographic image is indicative and should not be used as a colour swatch.

Rutland M3 mixing inks



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1 Litre, 500ml, US Gallon


Rutland HO Black M3 M38394 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Blue #1 M3 M32441 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Blue #2 M3 M32442 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO FF Fluo Lemon M3 M34042 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO FF Fluo Magenta M3 M31018 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO FF Fluo Red M3 M36057 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO FF Fluo Violet M3 M31038 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Green M3 M3343 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Marine M3 M32443 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Red M3 M36447 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Scarlet M3 M36446 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Violet M3 M31440 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO White M3 M39256 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Yellow M3 M34449 Plastisol Ink, Rutland LB NG Retro White M3 M39000 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Mixing Kit – M3 Series, Rutland Natural Base M3 M30063 Plastisol Ink