Rutland High Opacity Plastisol Inks

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Rutland EH NPT High Opacity RFU (Ready for Use) is formulated as a press-ready plastisol for printing on 100% Cotton or over a low bleed underlay when printing on poly/cotton blends.

Short body and very low wet tack for easy printing with no build-up.

  • Ready for use, just stir and print.
  • Suitable for manual or automatic printing machines.
  • Easy to use, maintains print viscosity without thinning during print run.
  • Non-Phthalate formulation to comply with new regulations restricting phthalates.
  • Formulated to be opaque for direct printing on lights or darks.
  • Print EH NPT RFU inks directly onto 100% Cotton or over an NPT underlay on darks poly cotton garments. EH NPT RFU is normally printed through mesh ranges from 34T – 110T.
  • Proper cure is achieved when garment reaches 160?C.
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Rutland High Opacity Plastisol Inks. High Opacity ink printing onto 100% Cotton or over a low bleed underlay when printing on poly/cotton blends.
Ideal for automatic and manual printers. Ready for use just stir and print.

  • Stencil: Use plastisol suitable emulsions such as Ulano Proclaim or Proclaim EC Epicure or Autosol 5000 or solvent resistant capillary film
  • Squeegee: Typically 65 – 80 Blade
  • Mesh: 34T -77T (can go up to 110T)
  • Cleaning: Standard or Biodegradable Screen Wash
  • Curing: 160 C (40 – 90 seconds depending on equipment, colour, garment and ink deposit applied). Always wash test to test cure.

High performance for 100% cotton. If printing onto polyester/cotton blends apply a low bleed white first (recommend EL90730 Low Bleed SF2 QR2692).

Please note that the photographic image is indicative and should not be used as a colour swatch

Rutland Ink Colour Card

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Rutland Bright Yellow EH4611 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Dallas Green EH3403 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Dark Brown EH7574 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Dark Navy EH2406 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Forest Green EH3399 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Gold EH4202 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Bright Blue EH2768 Plastisol Ink, Rutland HO Cardinal Red EH6398 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Light Green EH3401 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Light Navy EH2402 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Light Orange EH5202 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Light Royal EH2449 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Red EH6279 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Royal EH2584 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Scarlet EH6400 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Team Violet EH1212 Plastisol Ink, Rutland Yellow EH4215 Plastisol Ink