MagnaPrint – Discharge Printer Selection Pack

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£222.00 (ex. VAT)

This pack includes thirteen 200gm quantities of pigment ,  5kg of MagnaPrint AW/AB Base, 1 Litre of ready for use Superwhite ink (just needs to be activated) and  0.5kg of activator powder.

Ideal pack for printers wanting to take advantage of the Magna innovative ECO waterbased products, great for small studios and educational establishments.

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If you want to mix pantone shades you can use the Magna Magnamix online tool.   Click here for the AW / AB Discharge data sheet.

You can mix up to 6% pigment with the discharge AW/AB base.

Pigments included in the pack (200gm quantites) are :-

  • Magnaprint ECO Red HB
  • Magnaprint ECO Red HG
  • Magnaprint ECO Pink H5B
  • Magnaprint ECO Orange HO
  • Magnaprint ECO Yellow HR
  • Magnaprint ECO Yellow HG
  • Magnaprint ECO Green HB
  • Magnaprint ECO Blue HG
  • Magnaprint ECO Blue HB
  • Magnaprint ECO Navy HR
  • Magnaprint ECO Violet H4B
  • Magnaprint ECO Black H3B
  • Magnaprint ECO White HW

Mix the discharge  base with desired amount of ECO Pigment (up to 6%) then add Activator AB (6%).  Mix and leave for 10 minutes to allow Activator to dissolve. Re mix prior to printing.  Please note that the shelf life of the base after activation is 8 hours (dependant on room temperature)

  • Mesh Count 43 – 77T
  • Use Water resistent emulsion
  • Squeegee – 65 Square Blade
  • Print wet on wet
  • Recommend 3 – 4mm off contact.  The discharge paste must penetrate the fabric so you may need to adjust squeegee pressure
  • Cure for 180 seconds at 165-170 degrees C  (you will need a tunnel dryer or heat press,  you cannot just use a flash dryer)

Please note that there is a typical 2 day turnaround for this product.