WPS Nylon Ink

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WPS Nylon bag inks are designed for printing directly on to Nylon and other synthetic fabrics such as polyesters, cottons and cotton/polyester blends.  These inks offer excellent adhesion, flexibility and covering power.

It is recommended that they are cured as a two pack catalysed system to achieve the best results, although they may be used uncatalysed where less demand is put on the performance of the ink.

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Gives High opacity, Good flexibility and Excellent wash fastness. Gives good adhesion to most nylon and synthetic fabrics

Application: One or two pack direct printing ink for nylon and synthetic fabrics
Stencil: Use solvent resistant emulsions such as Ulano Proclaim, Proclaim EC Epicure, Autosol 5000 or solvent resistant capillary film
Compatible fabrics: Most grades of nylon and synthetic fabrics
Dry-clean resistance: Suitable for most dry clean cycles
Drying/cure speed: 100°C for 2 minutes
Mesh: 34-90T
Thinning: Up to 5% with WPS Nylon Thinner
Wash resistance: 95°C

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