Union Maxopake High Opacity Range

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Union Maxopake Plastisol Inks-  the perfect screen printing ink for bright colours on dark garments, Union Maxopake inks continue to be an industry standard on dark shirts. High opacity direct print, the most opaque plastisol colours available, they can be printed, quickly flash-cured and printed again to achieve extremely bright prints on garments that contain polyester.

Special low bleed version for polyester and bleeding cotton/poly fabrics. Ideal for manual or automatic printing. Easy to print, soft, creamy consistency and ready to use Click here to access the Union Inks colour chart.

The colours shown are for guidance purposes only – not for colour matching.

Available in 250ml / 500ml / 1 Litre / 1 Gallon measures.


Union Maxopake Plastisol Inks ? the perfect screen printing ink for bright colours on dark garments including? Union Diamond White PLHE-1070 which sets the standard for opaque plastisol whites.

  • PLHE-1070 NPT Low Bleed Diamond White
  • PADE-2010 Maxopake Lemon Yellow
  • PADE-2020 Maxopake Chrome Yellow
  • PADE-2044 Maxopake Golden Yellow
  • PADE-2064 Maxopake Orange
  • PADE-3006 Maxopake Brite Red
  • PADE-3010 Maxopake Scarlet Red
  • PADE-3020 Maxopake Flag Red
  • PADE-5008 Maxopake Brite Blue
  • PADE-5036 Maxopake Royal Blue
  • PADE-5085 Maxopake Opaque Process Blue
  • PADE-6008 Maxopake Brite Green
  • PADE-6016 Maxopake Lime Green
  • PADE-6090 Maxopake Kelly Green

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1 Litre, 250ml, 500ml, US Gallon


Union PLHT-1070 Diamond White Plastisol Ink, Union PATE-1000 Athletic White Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-6008 Brite Green Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-5036 Royal Blue Plastisol Ink, Union MIXO-4001 Magenta (Maxopake Purple) Plastisol Ink, Union MIXE-8000 Black Plastisol Ink, Union PADE-2064 Orange Plastisol Ink, Union PADE-6016 Lime Green Plastisol Ink, Union PADE-6090 Kelly Green Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-2010 Lemon Yellow Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-2020 Chrome Yellow Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-2044 Golden Yellow Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-3006 Brite Red Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-3010 Scarlet Red Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-3020 Flag Red Plastisol Ink, Union PADM-5008 Brite Blue Plastisol Ink